Get To Know The Types Of Shapes Of Skateboard Boards

Playing skateboard will look cool if supported by an elegant board shape. It also depends on the type of board used, whether it’s a cruiser skateboard, street board, mini longboard or something else summit board. Sometimes, people just choose so that when playing they are not satisfied with the model shape. we will explain several forms of skateboard boards. Check it out!

1. W-concave

As the name implies, this board has a W shape. However, the W shape does not extend to the entire board and only from the board body to the tail. Extra curves on the midline allow it to shift from heel to finger. The result is that the board responds faster and can change quickly.

2. Radial Concave

This concave shape may look familiar to you. The smooth U-shaped curve is the most common, although some boards have deeper curves than others. This concave type allows better footrests which can be useful in almost all skateboarding styles.

3. Convex

This board has a convex shape and curved upwards. Although it has an unusual shape, this type is preferred by slalom skateboarders and skateboarders who play on the descending track because of the shape of this board so that the foot of the skateboarder can be on the side of the board.

How about the wheels? Usually, street type boards have wheel sizes between 49 mm and 54 mm. If the game is done on a skatepark, the wheels used can be bigger, as well as on longboards that use 65 mm to 70 mm wheels. The reason is, the bigger the wheels, the faster the skateboard glides. In terms of hardness, soft wheels will be flatter on the surface, while hard wheels go faster. Skateboard boards solitude while peacock (solitude) For beginners, to find out the size and character of a suitable board can by borrowing a board owned by a friend or another skateboarder. If you play often, the need for the type or character of the board will appear by itself.

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