Tea Lovers Must Know Various Types Of Teapots Based On Their Materials

Ceramic teapots are proven to be superior in terms of water absorption, heat retention, and the ability to extract tea astringents in a balanced way. The aroma and taste of brewed tea will easily move to the main part of the teapot, so we recommend this type of teapot for those who want to enjoy just one type of tea leaf. Meanwhile, if you also want to find another type of unique and classic teapot, we recommend you to check out Teekanne aus Gusseisen.

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On the other hand, Porcelain itself is formed in the manufacturing process in temperatures over 1300 degrees, which is characterized by the appearance of white. The heat absorption/retention of this material is indeed lower than that of ceramics, so you can enjoy various types of tea. The aroma of tea will not stay in the teapot for a long time if you use a porcelain teapot.

Then, if we pour hot water into a teapot made from ordinary glass, then most likely the kettle will crack. The solution is to use heat-resistant glass that has been specially processed to withstand high temperatures. In addition, you can also see how the process of brewing the tea gradually in the teapot.
At the appropriate temperature, it is also possible to warm up with a microwave, so you can say a multipurpose teapot. We recommend this type of teapot for those who want to taste various teas with one teapot.

In addition, you might want to consider buying an iron-based teapot. When hot water is poured, the iron coating will blend with the tea and create a distinctive taste. Teapot with this material is perfect for those who routinely drink tea every day with a distinctive taste of iron.

Although the iron teapot is very good in its function to withstand heat, detailed care after use is required.

Aside from that, teapots with transparent materials such as acrylic, or polycarbonate have great benefits that are difficult to match other than teapots made of heat-resistant glass. The price is also more affordable, and easy to clean, so it is called the type of teapot that is perfect for everyday use.

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