Winning the Heart of the Consumer with Creative Ads

The development of the digital world has become an interesting phenomenon to be discussed. Currently, there is a widespread presence of shops online or marketed through the media. Usually, they will need a platform to introduce their products and services in this digital era. The platform needed also determines what type of promotion to choose, one of which is digital advertising. It is important to know that during a promotion period, you as a businessman do not have to win on a large scale. Even if you can win on a small scale, you can get the hearts of consumers who will be loyal in the future for your products and services. This business will run longer and compete with old players who already have a name. Marketing is a duty in every company, especially in the IT department or digital device specialist, which in this case is the most basic responsibility as a worker in your company.

What percentage of profits can you get from digital-based promotions?

Social media in any platform is becoming a popular artist today where business people believe on a global scale, digital promotion can provide benefits of as much as 40.2% of your company’s overall budget. Even in 2017, the profits achieved by digital promotions reached 37.6%. This increase is indeed quite extraordinary because every day, these benefits will increase multiple supported by the growing trend of digital promotion, so it is not surprising that in the next few years, companies that use digital promotions can get as much as 44.6% profit. A fantastic number for doing business online. This rapid profit growth has prompted businesses to compete to become Unicorn regionally or commonly referred to as the pioneer of regional business online. Because through digital promotion, every company has the opportunity as much as 30% to get the attention of their prospective customers, especially in their respective regional areas.

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